Our Board Members are fantastic humans that volunteer their time to our amazing league!



This is my second year on the Board of All Yonkers Youth Athletics, and I currently serve as Chairperson. My family and I live in Yonkers, and for the last 18 years, I’ve been a teacher in the Yonkers Public School System. During my years with AYYA, I’ve coached flag football and basketball – an amazing experience, as I have coached so many talented players. 

Our mission as a sports organization is to help the kids develop to become skilled in the sport, and motivate them to be successful. The AYYA Board works diligently throughout the year to organize sports, programs, and outings that benefit all kids and their families.   


mike jubak, president

Born and raised in Yonkers, I played mostly football during my school days. But it was my love of all sports that first drew me to volunteer with AYYA in 1999. I’ve held many positions with AYYA, but my favorite of all is being called Coach!

I work as a property manager by day, but once evening rolls around you are sure to find me at one of our fields or gyms, working to support the organization in any way I can. My two kids grew up in the organization, and now as adults, they volunteer their time as well.




Hello everyone, I’m Kinna Patel. I served as Secretary of the Board, and now I serve as Vice President. My journey with AYYA started when my daughter was 6 and my son was 4. We drove past a field and she said “I want to play that!” 10 years later we are still playing softball! My son, now 14, plays baseball, and every other sport AYYA offers.

As a league, our goal is not only to teach and coach sports, but to also teach good sportsmanship and discipline. Our teams are not just teams; they are little families. The children form the friendships, and you’ll see that the parents become great friends too. We are a family oriented league...come join our family!



In my day job, I am a Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting, traveling the country and meeting with clients to help them achieve their goals. For AYYA, I coach baseball, football and basketball. I’m a Board Member, a father, a fan, and a lifelong AYYA member! I grew up in Yonkers and spent my youth playing baseball at Andrus Field on Central Avenue.